Education & Training

Live Webinars, Online E-Learning Tutorials, Live On-Demand Training

NORTHWIND provides free online training sessions via instructor lead, interactive web conference facilities. Customized Maestro training webinars are scheduled regularly, and offered monthly. Clients may register to see a schedule of webinars or request their own customized webinar training session. We can also provide customized training programs at minimal cost.

We also offer 24/7 online training courses through pre-recorded tutorials that will allow properties anytime access to beginner, refresher and advanced education to staff members.

Customer Care

Expert Maestro Customer Care & 24/7 Support.

NORTHWIND provides 7-day/24-hour support from its staff of hotel-trained professionals experienced with all Maestro systems. NORTHWIND’s team is available by Live Web Chat, phone, fax and e-mail.

Our Support Specialists respond to all support calls directly from our North American based offices to ensure the most effective technical assistance is at your fingertips around the clock.

Live Chat Help and Training

Expert Maestro Customer Care & 24/7 Support.

Maestro’s Live Chat Support lets users stay on task without interrupting guest service. The system includes screen capture and sharing functionality and automatically opens a support ticket for each communication. Chat session transcripts are also provided after each resolution. This newest channel for support services is being adopted by Maestro clients quickly, and is becoming the choice of communication for immediate assistance. As part of ongoing education to ensure users are productive, users can also be quickly directed to the Maestro eLearning website for user reference guides, pre-recorded webinars, self-guided tutorials, video tutorials or to register for live webinars. They can even request on-demand training to ensure property teams develop confidence using Maestro.

Management Services

Professional Maestro Management & Web Connection Services

As part of our Diamond Plus Service NORTHWIND is making available expert web marketing and productivity consulting services to assist you in learning how to use Maestro more effectively to generate higher revenue, increase direct bookings, boost staff productivity, and mine your system for data to make more informed business decisions.

Post Care & Transition Assistance

Free Web-based Transition Assistance and Post Care

Diamond Plus Service entitles properties joining the Maestro family, three months of free pre-scheduled monthly training review sessions following installation to assist newly trained property staff in becoming proficient with their Maestro system.

Our experienced team will provide post-care assistance to ensure your system is configured  to meet your unique business requirements and that your staff is using the tools and services with confidence.

About Diamond Plus Service

NORTHWIND is committed to our clients’ success and helping them achieve their guest service, operational and revenue goals.

To keep your Maestro solution running perfectly and your property staff optimally trained, NORTHWIND offers Diamond Plus Service, a unique service initiative that provides a comprehensive suite of services and tools designed to maximize operating efficiency and employee productivity.

Diamond Plus Service

  • On Demand Live 1-on-1 Training
  • Self-Paced Online Tutorials and Live Webinars
  • Comprehensive Transition Assistance
  • Professional Maestro Productivity Audits
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Version Upgrades and Enhancements
  • 24/7 North-American Based Support

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