Profiles in Success: How Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts Uses Proactive Reputation Monitoring to Engage Guests Online and Build Loyalty

Multi-Property Operator Uses Maestro Guest Experience Measurement (GEM) To Leverage The Power Of TripAdvisor And Social Media With Real-Time Responses To Online Guest Surveys.


Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts has a social media secret that increases guest satisfaction, loyalty, and the bottom line. The company operates six oceanfront resorts on the highly competitive South Carolina coast and uses an online guest engagement survey tool from NORTHWIND –Maestro™ PMS to keep guests returning and referring new business.

A 2012 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey found that 92% of interviewees “trusted completely…” recommendations from people they know. This sends a clear message to hotel operators: Credible endorsements result from satisfied guests telling friends about their positive property experience. Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts gets it.

Nivi Shroff, Director of Quality Control at Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts, said, “Guests are the reason we are in business. We listen to what they say and act on it. Our resorts use Maestro PMS’ Guest Experience Measurement – GEM – online surveys to engage guests, proactively monitor their satisfaction, and manage our social media reputation.” GEM lets operators easily create custom online surveys from templates. The Maestro Property Management System (PMS) automatically sends guests the survey 24 hours after departure. Guest responses are available in real-time and compiled for aggregate reporting that provides operators with an actionable report card of performance. Click here to learn more about Maestro’s solutions for profitability and productivity.

“We use GEM to ID problems and positive areas. We quickly rectify issues that guests mention, which increases satisfaction and benefits our bottom line,” said Shroff. “We cannot inspect all property areas on our own. So we focus on comment reviews and respond quickly. GEM enables us to maintain our resorts more efficiently and build guest relationships.” GEM sends operators guest responses as they are completed and provides customizable reports with comparisons to monitor improvements. “We use GEM to score each department, like front desk and housekeeping, and discuss reviews in staff meetings. Department heads compete for the highest scores. This creates a truly customer-centric team that lifts all our properties.”

Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts leverages top social media channels to grow its positive reputation. “We direct our positive reviewing guests to travel websites like TripAdvisor and Google+ to post comments,” said Shroff. “This is a powerful endorsement for us. We also contact guests who had negative comments to offer apologies and a discount or other compensation during a future visit.” Shroff noted that GEM is integrated with the Maestro PMS. “If a guest reservation shows a negative past review, we go the extra mile for them.”

GEM leverages the guest voice as an asset to drive profitable business decisions. It gives operators a clear understanding of what services and property areas guests value to spot profitable opportunities. GEM benefits include:

  •     Web Widget Enabled: Stream positive feedback directly on your website and Facebook
  •     Fast Comment Management: Respond before guests go to review sites
  •     Real-Time Feedback: Monitors reputation real time
  •     Automated: Emails surveys in 24 hours
  •     Accurate: Independent 3rd Party authenticates surveys
  •     Advanced Reporting: Aggregates reports posted automatically

Maestro works with Navicom Inc. to provide the GEM solution. Navicom is known for its work in the insurance industry helping stakeholders understand customer expectations. “We have worked with NORTHWIND for 8 years to help operators understand how to maximize guest loyalty,” said Bill Morris, Partner at Navicom, Inc. “We capture guest feedback and provide detailed data analysis in easy-to-read monthly and rolling trend comparison reports available 24/7 for immediate access and response. Our focus is on helping property managers provide a superior experience that leads to lasting guest engagement.”

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